A healthy lunchbox fit for a superhero

Ayela Spiro, British Nutrition Foundation

The contents of your child’s lunchbox should help to provide the energy and nutrients they need for an afternoon of running around and soaking up learning.


The key to providing them with a balanced, nutritious diet is variety. It stops lunches getting too repetitive, helps introduce your child to a wide variety of tastes, and gives them a good mix of food groups.

To help you rustle up lunches they’ll love here are some time-saving tips, ideas and lunch plans.

Sometimes we plump for old favourites like sandwiches because it’s easier, but you’ll find lots of other quick ideas for terrific energy-giving foods like pitta pizzas in this ‘Packed Lunches Made Easy’ factsheet from the British Nutrition Foundation. 

Of course, food is only nutritious if it’s eaten. Involving your kids in planning their ‘picnic’ lunchbox and writing a menu for the week can be a fun way to get them to think about why you offer them certain types of food.  You’ll find some easy packed lunch ideas and a menu plan here in this Packed Lunch Guide from Children’s Food Trust.

There are some winning practical tips too. Have you ever thought about freezing your child’s yoghurt tubes or water the night before? It’s a clever way to keep the contents of their packed lunch cool until it’s ready to eat.

If your child loves baking, why not bake extra banana bread or muffins with them at the weekend and freeze them so they can enjoy them through the week?

You can find healthy baking recipes for children here.

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