Hands-on help to nurture healthy habits

The EYN Partnership programme is designed to work for you whatever the needs of your setting.

EYN Partnership registration will give you access to a dedicated nutrition professional working with you in your setting, providing 'hands-on' help and support on your journey to improve and enhance your whole setting approach to nutrition practice.

The support provided by your local nutrition professional will be tailored and nuanced towards the demographic of your setting and the community in which you operate, because we recognise that all early years settings are different and face different challenges.

By registering with the EYN Partnership programme you can support the wellbeing of the children in your setting, increase the knowledge of your practitioners and enhance your reputation for providing excellent food and wider nutrition practice.

Will you join us to help nurture a greater understanding of food, nutrition and healthy eating in the children you care for?

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Join us to help nurture a greater understanding of food, nutrition and healthy eating in the children you care for. Visit our Registration and benefits page for full details.

Registration and benefits

Helping you meet Ofsted criteria

Ofsted’s New Common Inspection Framework (CIF) for all early years settings includes an assessment of personal development - supporting children to gain knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, including through exercising and healthy eating.

By registering your setting with the EYN Partnership you can demonstrate that you support the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted’s new CIF and show that you are committed to serving the nutritional needs of the children you care for.

Working with the EYN Partnership can help secure an ‘outstanding’ grade in the Ofsted CIF.

Find out how, in our blog and videos.

Helping you fulfil parents’ needs

According to research 62% of parents cite ‘reputation’ as the main reason that they choose a childcare setting for pre-school children.* 

As an EYN Partnership registered setting you will be able to demonstrate your commitment to delivering high quality food provision and nutrition related activities for the children in your care. We will advise you on how you can involve parents and carers, providing them with feedback on their child’s eating and nutrition learning activities. Sharing your increased knowledge of healthy eating and lifestyle habits with parents and carers will help you to build trust and strengthen your relationships with them.

* Department for Education: Childcare and early years survey of parents 2014-15 report. To read, click here.